Privacy Policy

Information collected,

  1. Name
  2. Email
  3. Password
  4. Profile Pic
  5. Banner Pic
  6. IP Address
  8. Follows and Follower
  9. – Anything you provide in a form –

All photos are stored in one of three servers.

  • Backblaze
  • Wasabi S3
  • Linode

All passwords are salted and encrypted in the data database.

The site will scan all of your uploads with Moderatecontent to make help mark nudity as NSFW. If it made a mistake, click here.

Your username, email, and IP Address will be verified with StopForumSpam. If no report of you was found, you can continue with making your account.

User content may be scanned with Akismet to help stop spam.

None of your information will be sold. I will not share anyone’s information with any other one, group, or organization that is not listed here.

Private Uploads,
For all uploads made private please note that any admin can still see and edit them. Also if someone knows the CND URL they can see and download the photo. we can't stop that from happening.

Deleted Uploads,
All deleted photos may take up to 6(Six) hours or 360 minutes to delete form the server. The page on this site will be removed immediately.